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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  April 14, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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business coming up up. the final bell is ringing the dow up 151. neil will give us perspective coming up that's right after this. uh-oh. stat, paddles now. call the doctor. the patient is hemorrhaging cash fast. who do you believe? i'm neil cavuto. stick a syringe in this premier miss. >> health care human being cost -- heck hillary clinton -- health care costs are growing another their lowest rare. >> the costs are surging 6.7% in february higher than a year ago. the cbo systems that might be in worst of it. the premiums planned in the public exchanges will be lower in the fewer. here's the reality now. ain't happening yet. and those enrollees the
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president was crowing about. she says a lot of them are in for a serious case of premium sticker shock. >> that's right. >> explain. >> well, first of all, let me point out that way back in 2009 and 2010, when the obama administration sold their health plan by claiming that health expenditures were skyrocketing and spiraling, those were lies idea to sell it. in fact, just like the other lies. at that point in 2008, 2009, and 2010, health expenditures were increasing at their slowest pace in 50 years. but despite that fact, they lied and claimed it was a big problem. now you will see halve expenditures incareering but you'll see premiums increasing far faster. in fact the ceo of blue cost blue shield warned about double and even triple digit premium increases in the next few months. >> what is the cbo looking at?
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limiting it to what they estimate will be the millions more will sign up under the exchanges, and i guess because of subsidies and special breaks, see their premium increases actually stabilize. do you pie that? >> i don't buy that. i think the insurance company executives know exactly what they're talking about and they're worried about the public pushback from these huge premium hikes aid. that's only part of the bad news. you're also going to see a million people or more just -- they paid their first premium but been they discover what it really means to have a three or five thousand dollar deductible on their plan, they to to their dorgen and again and have to pay pull -- pay full fraying. and then the 27 people who get -- 27 million people who get on the job coverage are going to lose it when employers realize they can't renew the old plans and they're stuck between the very costly obamacare plans or
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sending their workers and families on to the exchanges and finally you'll hear a lot of desperation from cancer patients when they discover these obamacare exchange plans woken let them go to any specialty cancer hospital, even though the data show that, for example, women with ovarian cancer live longer when they're treated at a high volume cancer hospital. >> the argument is that all those problems not withstanding -- they're big ones -- but they're still going to see premiums for those in these exchanges go down. what i looked at in the study, it's all dependent on these special write-offs and allowances and subsidies that those in a certain income group get to give you what seems like a deceiving saving. >> it's really not a savings. it's just a cost shifting. somebody is paying for it.
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>> the taxpayer to these select few. >> that's right. >> amazing. betsy mccoy, thank you very much. in case runs are getting too giddy, a reminder from james carville, they either follow through or just pack it up. listen to this. >> the party knows -- and i use this word advisedly -- if it loses the 2015 elections the republican part will be extinct. >> it's a long time to beat this antiobamacare drum specially after the cbo expects 26 million americans to have enrolled in obamacare by then. whether republicans have put their eggs into the wrong political basket. >> not the wrong basket but they put all their eggs there and haven't but all the eggs in. i think that first of all the story isn't going to go away. they've put off a lot of these increases and the disaster -- i don't care what the cbo was
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looking at. we know what is coming -- >> the cpo says it won't be as bad as we have been told. you say? >> if you bet against that you're likely to be a winner that lottery has been pretty consistent. the problem is, the republicans haven't put forward a positive plan. i dope understand. 1994, newt gingrich organized a contract for american -- nobody really read it but had all the republicans standing on the hill, on the capitol steps, saying we support this. it gave the sense of idea of change and unity. why the republicans think they can simply say no when their numbers are as bad as they -- >> they have actually come up with proposals but their sometime inned -- system mid in the senate. >> says if we win, this is what we'll do, here's what we will keep and here's what will go, and therefore have -- not only on that but on the growth and the economy. in other words, you can probably -- they may well have stolen the offyear election.
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that does not mean they'll be out of the woods because of the negativity -- we have a very restricted game here. rasmussen this week had a poll yesterday, 70% of the people saying they thought of the most or all of the incumbents were -- the country is better off without. nine% said most withre-election the country would be better off. that's pox on everybody. >> doesn't it come down to who do you hate more? >> exactly. here's the lesson i can tell you deeply. having lived through it. ronald reagan. when you offer something that is more than, we're not the other guy, that there's a vision here, we have a country where people believe that the american dream is dying or the -- it's rigged against people would work hard when the believe their children's future will not be better. that's an opening for change. the problem is washington, replacing one set of washington
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politicians with another doesn't attract voters, and if you're the out party -- i've said this before -- you should be the party of that main street voice saying, we're against washington -- >> what do you think of the argument that you lose in 2016 republicans, you're toast. >> no, no. no. >> if republicans -- if democrats didn't -- in 1988 or the democrats would have lost, then they were toast. >> sooner or later somebody else wins. look, here's what i think carville is referring to. the demographics. unless you improve the demographics in a presidential election it looks tough. that's why i said it's about changing the definition. one thing will happen. if something done -- when you have the kind of discontent in this country, which is in the 70 percentile, the numbers are overwhelming and nobody speaks to it. there will be -- >> you seem to have given away the 2014 is a goner for democrats. >> i'm saying so far. >> do you say that and it's more
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problem -- >> physical this week it was working that way. a couple of senate races, gives warning, that could be the democrats trying to come back. right now the selection looks really cooked badly the way it's formally. for the democrats because of obama's rating, obamacare, and whatever that pig you can't put enough lipstick on to make this work because people are experiencing it. but the -- the economy, if people still feel it's strong, but what is the question who is is going to see the future. the republicans have a division between their establishment class and their base, and let me just tell you something, neil. somebody is going to step forward, politics abhors a vacuum. if the republicans can't be the voice day may be out. the democrat at least have the white house and a base of special interests con stint tattoo -- con sit tunes and hold
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it together. this is a time for change and the question is whether the republicans can change with it. >> did the donald just tell jeb, you're fired? >> jeb bush the other day. and he was talking about people that come into this country illegally, they do it for love. and i said, say it again? i didn't -- that's one i've never heard before. ock on equit♪ ♪ that's why i'm type e ♪ ♪ that's why i'm tyyyyype eeeee, ♪ ♪ i can do it all from my mobile phone ♪ ♪ that's why i'm tyyyyype eeeee, ♪ ♪ if i need some help i'm not alone ♪ ♪ we're all tyyyyype eeeee, ♪ ♪ we've got a place that we call home ♪ ♪ we're all type e ♪ why relocating manufacturingpany to upstate new york? i tell people it's for the climate. the conditions in new york state are great for business.
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i heard jeb bush the other day. and he was talking about people that come into this country illegally, they do it for love. and i said, say it again? i didn't get -- that's one i've never heard of before. i've heard money, i've heard this, heard sex, everything. so one thing i never heard of was love. i understand what he is saying. but, you know, it's out there. >> those into boos are any sign,
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shows like a rino heave-ho. donald, the reaction to those comments was very revealing. >> ster strong and i was a little surprised. i was being a little sarcastic, having a little fun, but a statement that was not a very popular statement. when i made the statement, and when i sort of quoted him, the place went a little bit wild and they were angry. >> you know what's interesting on this issue of illegal immigration, there is part of the party, maybe repped by the jeb bushes to an extent, the chris christies, where we have to be flexible on this and part of the party that says, no, no, no, they're here illegally. we have to be tough on this. which side is winning out? >> i don't know which side is winning out. i can to tell you we have a country that has to be based on
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laws, and you have people coming in illegally and our boreds are like asive. -- a seive, and they come through like it's nothing. i build great things and you can easily build something that would not make it even possible for people to come in, and you either have a country or you don't, and if we're not going have boundary0s borders, you don't have a country. >> dot that mean jeb bush shouldn't try to run for president. >> well maybe there's a group of people that agree with him but i don't agree. >> there's something else you said at this same gathering that made it sound to me like you're more than passing comments on potential guys running for president. maybe you're running for president. listen back to this and maybe feed my inquiry here. >> we need somebody that is going to get things done, and politicians are all talk and no action. >> it's true. all talk. all bull [bleep], all talk --
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[applause] >> and no action. they talk and talk and you go crazy and, blah blah blah, and in the meantime everybody else is eat can lurch. and i sort -- eating lunch. i sore of that -- you know whose lunch it is? our lunch. >> i think you cursed there, donald. >> i did. i did. every once in a while i do that because -- it's called emphasis. but the truth is it's true. i've seen these politicians, watched them for a long time, and they are all talk, no action, and the meantime we're being taken advantage of by so many different places, opec, you look at opec, all the energy all over the world and under our own feet, why is oil and gas and everything else -- sets records all the time, and you say how is that possible? it's really incompetence. at it incompetent leadership, and you look at what china is, just recently devalued their concern. they only did it because it was
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weakened. so it's a sad thing. i watched politicians and never seen it worse than it is right now. it's all talk and no action and people start standing up and going crazy. they love it and they're right in loving in. they're tired of being beaten up. >> they've not heard this kind of talk out of other presidential candidates. maybe to this degree. it seemed to be unique in terms of the reaction you got. i'm wondering whether the more you hear that type of reaction, are you really entertaining a run? >> i speak my mind, and i have common sense, and i've done very well. i've made a lot of money and put a lot of people to work and built great buildings and developments all over the country and all over the world, and i know how to do it. i think people see that and they understand that. i've been talking to you and everybody else about china for the last five years, and nothing is done. >> you have. >> nothing is done about it. and china is booming. never had better years than what they're having.
1:17 pm
in fact right now it's one of their best. their numbers are through the roof. those numbers come from our hide. >> when it comes to china, you said they need us much more than we need them. but we always are on defense or play scared. if you were to run for president, and let's say you were in the white house -- maybe smaller than your other houses. how would you handle the chinese? >> china would be treating us with great respect. that i can tell you. we have the cards. the cards get weaker all the time but we have the cards. what china is doing in terms of devaluation of their currency, making it very hard for us to compete and do business. very, very hard you. understand that bass it's business largely you cover. it's making it very difficult for the united states. now, what we should be doing -- when we sell things to china, they tax us. when they sell things to us, we talk about free trade. and i'm all for free trade but
1:18 pm
it has to be smart and fair trade. and the one bad thing about free trade from this country, from our country's standpoint, when you have it you have to have smart people doing the negotiations. >> would you tax their goods if they're going to continue to tax ours? >> absolutely. >> a trade war. >> absolutely i would. what trade war? the deficit is so huge. with we did no business with them we'd be in better shape. the trade wars would be a disaster forchina would go inton the likes of which this world has never seen, if you wanted to play tough with china. they know it. but they don't respect president obama. they don't respect our leadership. and they don't respect the people that they're dealing with. they're negotiating against people that aren't top people. we have business people in this country -- i know every one of them -- that would do so well, that would -- i could name them but i won't. i don't want to embarrass them and give them too much credit because i don't even like them. but you want to know something? we have people that are so good,
1:19 pm
so sharp, that china would come to the table and they would give us everything that we needed. we have the cards. we just don't have the people that know what they're doing with those cards. >> let's say we won't want to put a business type in the white house. we haven't that that. >> never had it. >> now the question then gets to be, what does this mean about how we do business with the rest of the world? are you a big believer in the u.s. -- we have the big stick, we lead that way, because -- >> when you -- >> we have no money. >> we used to have the big stick. now we're broke. we owe $17 trillion. >> how would you address that. >> get the country working again and have deals made with other countries and -- i'm not just talking about china. between opec, the opec nations, and so many others -- you look at what's going on in mexico. mexico is really going to be a big threat to us because they're doing so much business. what we're doing with mexico is incredible. we're just handing over our companies. so you watch mexico.
1:20 pm
i've given you a lot of very correct projections, and statements over the last few years. watch -- remember this in a couple of years. watch mexico. look what they're doing, how they're eating our lunch as a country. so you have to have great people at the helm. we need competent leadership. well now we're so far behind the eight ball we need extraordinarily competent, otherwise we're never going to catch up. we need extraordinary people leading us. smart, tough, fair, humane. i want humane -- and everybody -- but like ryan as an example and others talk about cutting social security, cutting medicare, medicaid, what i want to do and what i would strongly say this country has to do it guess back to being strong again, and rich again, and successful again. because that cures all of the problems. >> you would risk all the nonsense and scrutiny that would
1:21 pm
come of you and your businesses and all of your investments running for president and. >> i love what i'm doing. i love it. what i do is very straight up. i can tell you that. i love what i'm doing. with doral and the old post office on pennsylvania avenue, interesting right across the street from the white house practically, white between congress and the white house on pennsylvania avenue. one of the great to tell -- hotels. i love doing this stuff but i love the country more. somebody has to do something and the politicians are not doing it. i tell you. >> we'll have more. ♪ [ male announcer ] when fixed income experts... ♪ with equity experts... ♪ ...who work with regional experts... ♪ ...who work with portfolio management experts,
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new questions today involving another crash of a gm vehicle. this one took the life of 20-year-old ben gentleman minimum hair.
1:25 pm
the virginia tech student was killed in 2009 when his car careened into a tree in the middle of the day. the family says there were no skid marks. he wasn't on the cell phone, his radio an low and no alcohol involved. months later his parents received re-call notes on the very car in which he did. one involving power steering and then a faulty ignition switch now. ben's dad, gordon, just wants answer. very good to have you. >> thank you gunner i'm very sorry about what you had to deal with and what you have been dealing with since. these re-call notices, how soon after your son's accident were you getting them? >> well, we heard on the news probably three months after the accident that there were re-calls. we went to our local gm dealership, and they assured us, after checking, that my son's
1:26 pm
car was not involved in the re-calls. that was in march. and then the following september, which would have been nine months after the accident, we received the first re-call notice. for the power steering. and then it's been about ten days since we received the re-call notice on the ignition. so, that's my story. >> you know, did you have any chance to see mary barra testify? >> i didn't see all of her testimony but i did see bits and pieces, and some of them several times, yes. >> what did you think of what you did see? >> well, i was a little surprised. i grew up -- or retired after 44 years from a major corporation,
1:27 pm
and i realized that corporations is -- has to protect their assets, and i know that she said she apologized, but i don't believe that it was a very heart-felt apology. if there were only 13 people killed in these car accidents no one from gm ever called us, and i know from my experience in corporations, that maybe not the safety -- national safety knows who was responsible but i know that general motors knows who was responsible for not having that re-call. >> they had said in this testimony, gordon ' -- you might or might not be aware -- that now in retrospect they can connect a lot of these dots they weren't able to do so at the time. and i guess by extension that applies to the period in which
1:28 pm
your son tragically died. do you agree with that? >> no. i believe that they had several meetings trying to decide what to do with the faulty ignition switch prior to my son's accident. and i'm sure they had the same type meetings with the power steering. so, no, i don't agree with that out all. i think they new quite well that financially they would hurt their car sales if they addressed the re-call itch don't think the re-call itself had anything to do with it. just think that financially they needed to sell cars. >> gordon hair, i'm so sorry for your loss. see how this goes. i know you have not given up the fight just for simple answers.
1:29 pm
>> i don't have expectations. my expectations is that you and others like you would help hold general motors accountable for this, to possibly help people in the future. personally, i don't see how it will be a win swathe for me, -- win situation for me but maybe we can help other people in like situations in the future. >> gordon, thank you very much. >> yes, sir. thank you. >> a little more in a minute. the day we rescued riley,
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announcer: ranked highest in investor satisfaction with self-directed services by j.d. power and associates. after tense standoff, the cooling off. the federal government may be backing down from it fight with the nevada rancher over grazing on government land but ron paul says the clash could, could, be an early illustration of things to come. the congressman joins me on the phone. explain what you mean by that. >> well, i guess you can go either two ways. i'm hoping this is very positive of things to come, where the people stand up and object to the federal government's intrusion into our lives and everything we do, and when the people do get together and stand up, i think the governments will be forced to back down. but the other thing is governments don't give up their power easily and they may well come back with a lot more force,
1:34 pm
like they did at waco with the davidians, so i don't know which way it's going but so far so good. i was delighted the got through the couple days and there wasn't any shooting or killing. i really encourage the demonstration against unfairness by our government, but i'd like to see it all nonviolent and that weekend was a good step. >> people are very angry to your point, congressman, and you hope it never comes to violence or blows, but that a very, very slight trigger, and it seems to be playing out across the country a different volatile spots whether it's over illegal immigration or over health care, whether over shoutdowns that healthcare forums and the like. it's palpable. how do you sort of cool things down? >> well, that's the great fear, and that's going to get worse, specially that's financial cries gets much worse, which i
1:35 pm
anticipate. i think the way to combat this long term is to get people to understand why the problems pop up, why we have our economic crises and arguments over foreign policy. in this case it's who should own the land in texas, we went interest the union, and all the resources were privately owned and developed and this wasn't happen because there's no public ownership, and yet when they own most of these states in the west, everybody owns and it nobody owns it, and you're bound to have problems crop up. they had virtual ownership of that lan because they had been using it. i was conceded that family had a right to use it. but it's not clean enough. i think land should be in the states and i think the states should sell it to the people. it's work out quite well in big states as well as our eastern states. this whole idea is going to lead to more trouble to. do politicians,
1:36 pm
environmentalists, gold mining, oil people, rancheres. you need the government out of it. i think that's the important point. if you don't look at that you can expect more problems especially when our economy gets into more trouble, and then there's going to be these arguments, and like you point out the great danger is, what is the tryingster while will the anger be directed towards the enemy when the enemy is really and bad ideas and bad politics we have to change earthquakes -- we have to change. >> congressman paul. thank you. >> you feel like you just paid up big in taxes? there are ways to the refund you're due doesn't disappear. bubba watson might be the winner on the golf course but is he the loser with the halve -- health nuts?
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what the heck to do with that check? most americans rushing to meet the tax-filing deadline, millions already have their refunds and the average payout ain't too shabby. nearly $3,000. time for a shopping spree? money manager says not so fast. hough too you play this thing when people say, i've got this manna from heaven, even though its they're money. what do you tell them to do. >> the key right there is remember this is not just money they're giving back to you. this is your money in the first place so use it wisely. keep in mind, though, a lot of americans right now are struggling financially. make sure if you do need to spend the money, spend it wisely. if you can save it, the first thing to do is pay it down and that means look at the high interest rate credit card debt that is bogging you down
1:41 pm
financially, put some of the money toward that, so you have something to show for it. the worst possible thing is to get the money back, blow it, and now 'er in a worse financial position than before you got the money in the first place. >> a lot of folks look at the debt they carry -- not the credit card debt but other debt -- still in digits and why should i rush to pay that off when the feds keep rates this low and i don't have to. >> let's say, for example, consumer debt, if it's a home mortgage, car note, rates are very low. then you can make the case, why pay it off? i'm maybe better off continue vest the money and use my money to make some money. then we want to look at paying it up. the key here is to look at an ira, look at your savings account, look at ways to put this as seed money, let it grow for you and now the money is working for you as opposed to against you. when the interest rates get too high, it's better to chip away at the debt and make sure you're working for the money, not
1:42 pm
having to work against you is the main point. >> a lot of americans are getting sour on the markets. the recent volatility is a big reason. despite today's comeback. how uas leery? >> i'm very cautiously optimistic. right now could be a good buying opportunity for people, but always remember that it's the consumer who typically gets burped the most in the market because they're big when things are already red hot. today's news was a good momentum builder, but look at it from an overall financial planning standpoint. any invest has to match your risk tolerance. once a hot stock tip gets to you it has cooled off dramatically. make sure it's best for your situation ruth now. >> thank you for having you. good financial adviser. thought you hated filing your tacks. there are a million people who didn't bother to ask for a refund and they had it coming.
1:43 pm
john, this makes no sense. >> it doesn't make any sense, at least not when it's you're money out there. the u.s. taxpayers are about to hand the federal government a big fast east basket filled with more than three-quarters of a billion dollar in tax mow the government doesn't deserve. $760 million in unclaimed refunds left over from 2010 because all those people did not fill out a tax return and by law, after the years, when that dead line expires, that money goes to uncle sam. where the most number of people who are are do urefund? california, followed by texas and new york. the highest average refund is in alaska, $649, followed by wyoming at 648 and washington state at 640. so, who are all those people? i put that question to james robertsson, a tax preparation company, h & r block. >> well, many of them are young kids, students, people who have just started out working that may have been under the filing
1:44 pm
threshold and not realize they can file a return and claim a refun or if they made estimated payments they can get those back. >> in addition to students, people are also owed money, retired americans, low-income workers, people who didn't claim the earned income tax credit. you can have that even if you didn't have a tax liability and that's up to $5,000. you have a little more than 24 hours to fill out and file a return because the irs isn't going to call you up and say, you have a lot of money here. come down and claim it. there are a lot of resources online at for free tax filing software. if you get somebody to prepare your taxes that will cost you a couple hundred dollars. bus the average refund is above 500 you'll probably get money back and you'll go become and make sure you get everything you deserve in 2010, including the child tax decreed, depep department care credit, any blood telltive, education expenses, medical expenses, job-hunting costs. it's absolutely legal to avoid taxes as long as you don't evade
1:45 pm
taxes. to put this all in perspective, that $760 million, if you let that good to the government that will fund government operations for one hour and 45 minutes. >> that'sed sad right there. thank you very much. now, this is beastly. the irs auditing this beauty, but she isn't raising hell with the irs, she is raising hell with a certain magazine that brought her wealth to the attention of the irs. find out why this hottie is so hot and bothered. meanwhile, celebrating this by eating this. pro golfer bubba watson sizzling at the masters, now has the food police sizzling because of something he did after the masters.
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>> you can call it the tipper of champions. bubba watson sinking the winning putt at the masters and then at the waffle house to celebrate his payday, tweeting a selfie from his victory table. the press is going wild over this whole thing but nutritionist catherine is sick bat it. why? >> well, it would be great if celebrities and sports figures set a better example for our obese nation. >> what wrong with the waffle house? >> well, there's nothing wrong with the waffle house if it's an occasional splurge but these gazillionaires love to show americans they're one of you,
1:50 pm
and so to win a popularity contest, they good to waffle houses, diners, steak places, when in reality to be a great athlete, or a celebrity in good sh athlete or a celebrity in good shape, they don't really eat like that. >> now and then you could splurge and it looks like bubba is taking good care of himself. it's the second jacket. i don't think he's wearing a larger size this time. it's not the end of the world? >> no, it's not the end of the world, if you are broadcast all over the world, it would be nice to set a better example. >> where would you like to see him eating? >> maybe eat some oatmeal in celebration. >> please tell me you are kidding. >> i'm just kidding. but i -- >> i think we get a little worked up on this sort of stuff. i respect you because you walk
1:51 pm
your walk and follow up on everything you say. i just don't think it's the end of the world for an accomplished athlete, someone who has won this twice, which is not an easy thing to do, to show you can be a good athlete and every now and then you can have a waffle and everything else. dliets in a little balance. >> honestly, i ate a blew berry pie and ice cream. >> really. >> it was a pretty big slice. i like ice cream with every bite. >> then you shouldn't be talking to me about what bubba did. you are just as bad. >> a lot of celebrities who are obviously in shape, they advertise coca-cola, which they clearly must not bring in order to be slim and slender as they actually are. >> i don't know. a lot of people are not jabba
1:52 pm
the hut, if you apply that same rationale to racists, they would be calling you on the carpet for being a racist. >> no, absolutely not. i think it would be fun to wear a badge and hoelsster every now then if you call me the food police. >> as long as it's very large badge and holster. >> no, it has to be petite like me. >> kathryn, thank you very much. >> thank you, neil. >> from landing a man on the moon, to hitching rides in the space, to maybe now space -- saving space. what is wrong with a american company willing to pay the love? aw-inspiring now but all us, yes. @e@8ñúñ÷@@@0@ú
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scrubbed, space x falcon 9 rocket set to lunch launch has been scrubbed. it's a rejts. it sure beats the russians. in this case we're hitching a ride for ourselves. the youngest man to walk on the moon on whether this is a space -- i don't know sam's club, charlie, but at least it's our states sam's club, what do you think of that? >> good to be with you again. i think it's a good idea for nasa. it's low overhead. nasa is getting a good ride for its buck, and like you say, it sure beats paying the russians like we're doing to get our astronauts up there. i think that's terrible. >> it is sad, and i think of you
1:57 pm
apollo 16 and that famous voice. where we're grateful, we're at least handling the load, sending supplies to an international space station. it is what it is. you think this is a first sign even by private enterprise, things could be changing. >> i think so. there's some indications that some of the private companies trying to mount either a fly-by to the moon like we did on apollo 8 or unmanned vehicle or a manned vehicle on to mars with a fly-by. i know nasa is looking for an as steroid fly-by or capture. others are looking at the manned flights on the orion or some vehicle such as that going to -- back to the moon like apollo 8 or on to mars, and that's what i would be excited about if our
1:58 pm
country could mount something like that. i think it would be thrilling. >> you know, when i look at this, charlie, and what they are planning, and then i hear what the russians are intending. i heard of them wanting to try to get back their old satellite country, now they want to set up shop on the earth's satellite, the moon. i had a general talking to me about hey, this is scary, they can mine all the key rocks and ore on the moon, hog that. now because we've given up our lunar quest, they run the roost. what do you think of that? >> well, they signed a treaty in 1967, i believe it was, saying that the moon was available for not development economically but developed for exploration, but there was another treaty in 1977 or so that nobody signed.
1:59 pm
so i don't know what the status of it is. but if we have people in this country, like jack schmidt, who would like to go and mine helium 3 on the moon, if we're paying the freight to get there, we ought to be able to use the material that we bring back. i don't see a russian capability of depleting the moon of resources any time in the foreseeable future. >> yeah, but if they are there and we're dragging our feet getting back there, they are going to have fielder's choice. >> i agree. and that's really sad. it's tragic, really. we've just sort of lost our leads, unfortunately. >> well, hopefully they are making guys like you again. charlie duke, always good having you, my friend. >> thank you very much, neil. good to see you. >> all right. you think tonight is the only time you are going to be able to see a red moon, a communist moon
2:00 pm
if the russians take it over. you didn't hear in detail what the russians are planning, because what they are planning has some u.s. jnls general crazy. hello, everyone. i'm kimberly guilfoyle, along with bob beckle, dana perino, and greg gut feled this is the "the five." well the tense stand-off between a nevada ran cher and the feds is over for now. the government is vowing to take the fight back to court. thankfully it was resolved over the weekend with no violence. now, bundy says the land his an ses ter settles on belongs to nevada. here's some of his family members after the feds backed


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